It’s all about the “V”.

The “V” shape looks beautiful from outside of the pool, but it’s the effect from within the pool that is the Swimdifferent “difference”. Imagine yourself swimming out into thin air – in a V Pool suspended over a cliff edge. Or along the edge of an elevated site.

Within a V Pool, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary. It’s as if you are not in a pool at all, but you are instead suspended in your immediate environment – be that lawn, cantilevered out into thin air, or alongside a stunning view.

While the visual impact of the V Pool needs no explanation, its surprising practical advantages do. At its most simple, the V Pool is a lap pool or linear training pool. However, its shape means it requires half the volume of water (ideal in water-restricted areas) and is half the weight of a tradition pool of the same lane width. That translates to half the heating and cleaning requirements.

The V Pool is ideal for sloping or cantilevered sites. And, back on land, it works well in undulating ground.

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The load is concentrated on a central line – ideal for apartment rooftop settings.

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